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Who am I?

What is systemic coaching?

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Sylvia Deufel, Systemic Business Coaching, Teamcoaching, Munich

Who am I?

My philosophy

My desire is that you succeed in what you want in your life. Whether it is change in your professional or personal life, career or achievement. I will help you achieve what your deeply long for. Expect the best from me because that's my standard.

My qualifications

  • Systemic Business Coach (SBC)
  • Certified Coach (dvct)
  • Ongoing supervision and training in coaching
  • Diploma in Management (FH)
  • German Sign Language (DGS) Level VIII

My experience

  • Longtime executive
  • Many project management
  • Long-term management support for strategic management
  • Many years of experience in the strategic support of political bodies
  • Extensive quality management work
  • Extensive experience in process analysis and solution developments
  • Long-term activities in the field of public relations

My mission

business coaching munichIt is my mission to accompany you to the professional and personal goals that you desire in your deepest heart. Through my Christian faith, it is easy for me to give you any assistance in order to achieve these goals. How can this be done?

I believe that we humans are more than just people who follow their duties, manage crisis or are parts of a system. I think we are much more than that. I believe that we all have a space in us to overcome the difficulties of everyday life, where the judgments and limitations of the people are not allowed. I know we have this space in us, where we can breathe from the mundane, a room full of calm, clarity and power. This space, our true essence, the best and strongest idea of ourselves - everybody carries it within. It is independent of our belief or religion, regardless of whether we believe in a higher power or not; it is just part of our "humanness". If you discover that space in yourself and make use of its energy, your options are almost limitless. My mission as a coach is to help you to open the doors to this room and to show you your inner power and strength, so that you can use your full potential.