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Reasons for coaching

A coaching can assist you sustainably and effectively in almost all professional and personal contexts. In a few sessions, I’ll help you to find for yourself the best solutions and to implement them concretely into action.

Causes for coaching could be, for example:

  • desire for professional or personal change
  • weighing of decisions
  • a new professional position
  • management responsibilities have become difficult
  • conflicts
  • bullying by colleagues, employees or supervisors
  • (re) entry into professional life
  • prolonged stress, permanent pressure or high demands
  • burn-out prevention and active health management
  • lack of recognition and appreciation
  • desire for optimization of personal effect and sovereignty
  • lack of opportunity for reflection with a neutral partner
  • search for meaning
  • and any other situation in which you currently live

Our coaching will never be standardized. Rather, everything is tailored to your needs and your concerns. This includes of course how and where our coaching takes place.