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Who am I?

What is systemic coaching?

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Discretion and quality



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Discretion and quality

Discretion is a matter of course

You expect absolute secrecy from your doctor? It is understood that you can expect this standard of me and our coaching relationship, too. No one will ever know the contents of our coaching or our conversations.

I hope that you trust me. And I will do everything in order not to disappoint your trust.

My quality standard

You do not want a self-appointed coach without qualification experimenting on you? Of course! My solid training as a coach at the Munich Academy of Business Coaching has an excellent reputation. In addition, I was certified by an independent body as a coach by the German Association for Coaching and Training (see under "Who am I?" And

Coach dvctAs a trained and certified TÜV quality manager, I know the importance of the ongoing review of your own work quality and, if necessary, to adapt it to higher quality standards. I meet this claim of constant optimization.

My benchmark is solely your satisfaction!

A word about Scientology: As a practicing Protestant Christian, I have a solid foundation for my life in my faith. I'm not a Scientologist and dissociate myself from goals and methods of this organization.