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Coaching for the deaf and hearing impaired

You as a deaf or hearing impaired person often have to master more obstacles in life than hearing people. The world of the hearing sometimes makes it not easy for you to find an equal position in all sectors of society.

You have many dreams and goals, so many wonderful creative thoughts! You like every person carry a universe of ideas and possibilities in yourself - just a shame that the acoustic world of the hearing only too happily and often ignores and thus excludes. You make the best efforts to adapt to the world of the hearing, but how rarely does this world of hearing people adapt to you and your needs?

If you are willing to make the changes in your life that you have long desired, then our coaching will promote a decisive step in the desired direction. Don’t your plans for your life have been waiting for a long time to finally become reality?

I can understand you and your needs well; because the world of the deaf has also become part of my world. I can very well sympathize with how you're feeling and I am honestly interested in knowing what you want for your life and for your career.

You do not have to adapt to me, as usually in the hearing world - I understand and speak your language. I have learned the German sign language (DGS) at "Blickfang” (eye-catcher)" and have fallen in love with this fascinating language of the hands.

I've always been a big fan of poetry. But when I saw a sign language poetry for the first time, was for me a brief moment time stood still - because I had never seen before something so wonderful and expressive. In my view there are only a few languages in which so intense, precisely, yet artfully thoughts and feelings can be expressed as in the sign language. In coaching it is very often about what and how you feel and what you want to express the deepest core. Therefore, coaching and sign language are also attached to each other particularly well.

Would not it be a great opportunity to make a decisive step towards your goals, wishes and success with the help of our coaching that is tailored to your needs as a deaf or hard of hearing person and which is led in DGS?

By the way, in Germany there is only one systemic business coach who speaks your language - you are visiting her website right now. Therefore, pluck up courage - contact me. An initial interview is free of charge, of course. It would be my great pleasure to be your coach!

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