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My business philosophy

I want to be the best coach for you that you can find! This is a high standard - How can I achieve it?

As you may expect from a professional coach, I offer Systemic Business Coaching. For that I have graduated from the Munich Academy for Business Coaching. In addition, I am certified by an independent body, the German Association for Coaching and Training (dvct).

systemisches CoachingMany clients have made a decicive step forward in professional and personal matters through my support as a Systemic Business Coach (SBC) and a certified coach (dvct).

Unlike others, my personal style as a coach is primarily characterized by a holistic approach. I go a step further and deeper, where the classic coaching usually ends.

Imagine a coaching relationship that is completely focused on you - on what you want in your life. And on the ways to achieve that.

Imagine that someone is listening - really listening. Not only your words, but also what is behind the words. Someone who recognizes all the nuances of your voice, your feelings and your energy; someone who wants to understand everything you have to say. Someone who hears all the best in you, even if you cannot hear it yourself.

Imagine that someone helps you concretely to experience professional success, to make your dreams come true and to reach your goals. Step by step, more and more in the direction that you want.

Imagine someone who is genuinely interested in you - without the masks we often wear on several occasions. Interested in everything that you are and will be, your dreams and longings, your values, the things in your life that are particularly important to you.

Imagine a coach who helps you to be clear about your goals and gives you the tools for doing and learning that lead precisely to the results that you desire in your deepest heart.

Does that sound like a coaching relationship that you desire? Then we should get in touch!