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What is systemic coaching?

Systemic coaching is a very special alliance between two equal partners, which is entirely geared towards the fulfillment of the goals of the client.

Systemic coaching is based on four basic assumptions:

  • The client is the expert in his cause. He is creative by nature and carries all potentials to find the best solution for himself.
  • The coaching is concerned with the whole life of the client – i.e. with his entire system.
  • The client constructs his individual reality by his perception. If the client changes his view of things, he changes parts of his world.
  • The topics in coaching are set by the client.

You can imagine all this also as a picture:

Unlike a coach, a consultant is someone who faces you, you describe your concern and then he gives you advice. These proposals may appeal to you or not. In any case, it is the advice of someone else.

A coach, however, stands by your side, is entirely with you and faces with you all your life and what's important to you from your point of view. He asks you questions that will help you to think about yourself and your goals and to change the current perspective. By the methods and the setting of coaching you will recognize connections which allow you to optimize your life on your own. You get tools on hand that put you in a position to do what is best for your FROM YOUR POINT OF VIEW. So in coaching you find the best of all possibilities by yourself - no one else.

Basically, the coach is secondary - you are the center! You are the main character and everything only serves to lead your life to more success, happiness and fulfillment through the coaching process.